About Us

Joep Schuermans

I’ve been riding motorcycles as long as I can remember and in addition to that everything else that provides a thrill and allows to go of the beaten path. I love exploring and finding new places. With MotoMoto I want to share my experiences with others and this in an exceptional environment. Whether you want to explore Tanzania with a 4×4 or a quad. We’ve got you covered.

Agnes Senga Tupper

Being born in what is probably the most beautiful country in the world, Agnes has a passion for art, culture, travelling and partying. Having friends and connections all over the country, Agnes makes sure we offer trips to the right places at the right times.

Matthias Vercruysse

Having been captivated by Tanzania during my visit to Mafinga approximately three decades ago, I have developed a deep attachment to the country. Over the past 30 years, I have extensively explored Tanzania, utilizing various modes of transportation, and I am enthusiastic about sharing my most memorable experiences with fellow travelers. In addition to my fondness for Landrovers and Tanzania, I share Joep’s ardor for motorcycles and Agnes’ penchant for vibrant celebrations.